Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Long OVERDUE apology to me Wife!

Around 18 years ago a beautiful young lady came in to the education course I was taking and sat down a row in front of me just as the class was beginning.  This wonderful woman sat down without even noticing me and I thought should I say Hi.  I had met her the semester prior in a political science class but to my dismay hadn't seen her since before the Christmas break.  Well I finally tugged on her coat that she had laid across the back of her seat and she turned around, realized she knew who I was and smiled.  That smile was burned into my heart from that moment on and that was the beginning of the Polly and Jeff story. 

I want the world to know that on that day in a classroom at Southern Illinois University God bestowed on me an incredible gift.  My wife Polly is an amazing woman who first and foremost is a wonderful mother to our 2 children.  Her heart beats for our kids and her passion to give them her unconditional love never ceases to amaze me.  Secondly she is more than I could of ever dreamed of as a wife.  Oh shes not perfect, who among us is, but she is pretty darn close.  She loves me more than I deserve. She puts up with my mistakes and imperfections. She holds me accountable as a christian, as a husband and as a father.  Polly keeps me on my toes and strives to make our family one in Christ and one in love.  Yes we do have our disagreements and not so friendly moments like most married couples, but those only seem to make me love her more and our marriage stronger. Polly is a woman who God created with a heart made, for love, for serving, for children, for family.  What an amazing blessing having her in my life and I love her more than I ever thought possible and I thank God for putting her in my life.

There are 2 reasons why I have chosen to write this blog, which is long OVERDUE!

First I need to publicly apologize to my wife for not always being the man, father and husband God has called me and expected me to be.  Polly this is one area of my christian walk I have not put as much emphasis on and that ends today.  If I am going to be the man God expects me to be than I must make this part of who I am, a christian man who always appreciates and loves his wife. I need to apologize to you for ever saying anything that has hurt you or tore you down.  I am sorry that I ever gave anyone the impression that you were anything other than a wonderful woman whom I am blessed with to share my life.  I am sorry for ever making you feel like you were less important than anything else going on in my life.  I am learning everyday what God expects from me and one piece of that is to be a husband that loves his wife unconditionally and strives to appreciate her as God's wonderful gift and blessing.  From now and till the end of our time together on this earth you have my word that I will love and respect you the way God attended.

Secondly I am writing this blog just so the whole world knows that God created a wonderful, amazing, incredible, sweet, loving, beautiful woman named Polly.  She is a blessing to me and my children and I can't imagine my life without her in it.  I plan on cherishing her the way God attended for men to cherish their wives.

Polly I love you.  Please forgive this man and know that I am completely committed to being the husband God wants me to be and the husband you deserve.